Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate

It's not news that most Nails Inc polishes are named after places in London/stations. While Notting Hill Gate might bring memories of Julia Roberts being glamourous and Hugh Grant being awkward, it reminds me of something much closer to home.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in late Summer 2003 when I went to Notting Hill to have a coffee with my now husband. Norah Jones was playing in the background, we were sitting on a brown leather sofa in a small venue on Portobello Road and realised we wanted to be more than just friends. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So I ended up buying a pink nail varnish! I haven't gone insane, I am a romantic and this is not just any pink. This is a cool pink, it's neon! I thought it'd look great as a vibrant pedi colour but haven't tried it yet.

The formula on this is very good. It goes on smoothly and only needs two coats. The finish is between a matte and a creme, for those who, like me, are not familiar with neon polishes. I thought it might glow in the dark but it doesn't, I hope that gives you an idea of how eye-catching this product is!

I honestly can't wait until the sun is back, hopefully for more than a week, in the UK and I can wear this again. When my little girl gives it back, that is!

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I also created a few mani options below using Nails Inc Paddington for the French tips, star and dots and Nails Inc Electric Lane holographic top coat. In hindsight, I'm not sure how good they look... see for yourselves:

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Brand: Nails Inc
Collection: Neon
Name: Notting Hill Gate
Type: Neon
Colour: Pink
Pantone equivalent: Rhodamine Red
Make Up Alley rating: N/A
Potential dupes: Illamasqua Collide, comparison coming up soon! Other neon pinks out there.
Buy it from Nails Inc £11

I used:
1 x Save The Nail Colour Extending Base Coat
2 x Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate
1 x Save The Nail 45 Second Top Coat

Canon EOS 450D - 50 mm - f/1.8 - ISO 400 - indoors - no flash - daylight


  1. Solo el recuerdo romántico logra que te pongas un neon fucsia! Te queda re lindo y la historia me encantó! Ojala vuelva el sol!!

    1. Ahhh, el amor! Ahora tengo dos casi iguales, oops!

      Gracias, voy a ver si me lo pongo otra vez aunque llueva ;-)

  2. 3D glitter... wooooow! Yo creo que definitivamente es un color veraniego... sandalias, playa... solera linda... esas cosas.

    1. Ahora sólo me falta el verano... le avisás que lo estamos esperando? Ah, si es que lo ves! ;-)

  3. Qué ternura...tan romántica ella <3
    El color obvio me encanta, rosa, neón, super alegre, tiene todo para que me encante. Es raro verte de rosa pero te queda muy bien, y el recuerdo romántico justifica la compra 100%

    1. Gracias! Un rosa así me animo a usar, porque no lo veo soso ni muy lavado. Me gustó mucho y a Inés más aún!

  4. Solo por el recuerdo lo compraría yo también, aunque no lo use nunca :)
    De todas formas te queda genial y creo que para el verano re va! Sobre todo en los pies...
    En definitiva, raro en vos pero hermoso!