Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ubermat: First Impression

Yesterday I received my much awaited Ubermat by Über Chic Beauty. 

If you haven't heard of it yet, check out the video from UCB on YouTube. One look at it and I knew I NEEDED it, as did many other people, by the looks of things. According to UCB's website, the Ubermat is already out of stock until later this month. Good thing I got mine early!

I used it for a simple stamping job with my eldest daughter in the afternoon and waited until the evening for a proper test run. 

"Reverse stamp like a boss" is one of the USPs, and the one that appealed to me the most. The ten decent-sized fingers and nails on it give you a frame, and after putting some topcoat on them you're ready to go. Or so I thought. 

The topcoat I used was Seche Vite. I'm not sure whether that had anything to do with my initial lack of success, or whether I was taking too long to do it, but by the time I was ready to stamp, my top coat was already peeling off and sticking to my stamper instead of staying put. 

Stamping on the mat itself wasn't an option as the stamping polish did not stick to the silicone the Ubermat is made of. 

I decided I wasn't going to let that ruin my excitement and gave it another try. After all, stamping hasn't always been easy for me. So I re did about four nails until I got the hang of it, in terms of speed and pressure. 

Happier with the base of my decals, I took my time to colour the designs in. My only comment in this regard is that the black outline of the printed nails sometimes looked like the lines I was colouring within. But then again, it was late and a coincidence my frame was in the same colour. 

Peeling off the decals was easy-peasy, I didn't even need tweezers. 

Check out the results by yourselves. What do you think? 

Additional products I used: Infinity Nails 14 stamping plate; black Konad special polish; Baker Street, Shoreditch, Carnaby Street and Queen Victoria Street by Nails Inc and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. 

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