Sunday, 6 January 2013

Orly - Plum Noir

Continuing with the very few Orly polishes I own, today I am bringing you one my husband got me for Christmas: Plum Noir, from the 2007 Neue Neutrals collection.

Now I'm running the risk of repeating myself. If you follow this blog, you are probably familiar with my taste. Since my good friend Caro is aware of my likes and dislikes, she sent me Sally Hansen Plum Luck, which happens to be very close to Plum Noir, so I did a very quick comparison of the two.

As you can see on the pictures below, colour-wise there isn't a huge difference. Strictly speaking, they are not dupes, but if you own one you don't need the other one. I have found the SH has more of a blue tone to it, but it's not very noticeable. 

Plum Luck is my first SH and I have to say I did not like the brush in the slightest. I love OPI and their flat brush, even Nicole by OPI's brush works well for me, but this one is SO wide I had to be incredibly careful not to paint all over my pinkie. Formula-wise, SH is slightly thicker.

On the photos below I have Orly Plum Noir on my thumb, index and middle fingers and Sally Hansen Plum Luck on my ring and little fingers:

Now, going back to Plum Noir, it's a very glossy dark purple creme. The formula was good, it dries quickly and evenly and looks classy, at least in my humble opinion. I have noticed that after a day on my nails there is minor tip wear, which is a shame.

All the photos above are in natural light; I am using OPI Natural Base Coat, two coats of each nail varnish and no top coat.

Which of the plums wins for you? Do you own either/both?

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  1. La idea era para que probaras los SH en realidad, tendria que haberme puesto de acuerdo con Glen! jaja. Yo tengo unos Orly (5) y en gral Plum Noir me resultó bueno, pero no wow como dicen, yo que se... Muy lindas fotos!