Thursday, 6 February 2014

Shibuya Love

Next in the Valentine's Day series is the mani I decided to call Shibuya Love.

Shibuya is a very busy commercial area in Tokyo. When I looked at the lines created by the water marble, it reminded me of the trail of lights the moving traffic in the city creates and also of the lovely colours of the sunset amongst all the tall buildings. The couple kissing and the Japanese symbol for love add to the scene.

The red amulet is for luck when finding love and I got it from Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.

I chose some of my most favourite nail varnishes for this mani: Bridal Veil, Fated Prince, Sleeping Palace, Princess Tears and Ascalon, by a-England. The names might not paint a very happy Valentine's Day picture, but every time I use these polishes I fall in love with them all over again.

I decided to face my fears and give water marbling a go. I tried water marbles back in 2012 but it was the most frustrating nail-related experience ever. I hadn't had a go since but still love seeing them on other people's nails.

Water marbles take an awful lot of time and patience. Not all polishes work well, the water needs to be at the right temperature, etc etc... I will spare you a tutorial on a technique I have hardly tried, just watch My Simple Little Pleasures' videos for endless ideas and inspiration.

I stamped over Princess Tears using Bridal Veil, Sleeping Palace and Ascalon. The plates are from the  MoYou London Comic (05 for the couple kissing) and Suki (02 for love) collections.

I think this mani would have looked really stunning in the sunshine, which gives me a great excuse to try it again in the summer!

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