Tuesday, 21 February 2012

OPI - DS Coronation

The sun came out in Northern England and my first thought was "holos!"... I must be nail obsessed! Perhaps this is what lack of Vitamin D does to you.

A bit of background information first. I didn't actually buy this nail varnish, I ordered something else but it wasn't available anymore, so I was "upgraded" to three mini OPI Designer Series ones. I didn't actually know much about them at first but was really pleased when I found out just how expensive these babies are!

So the first one I am going to show you is the most classical of the three: Coronation.

This is one of those nail polishes that anyone can use: a light silver holo. For those in the know, this is a scattered holographic nail varnish, which means it's made out of lots of tiny (holo) particles, very much like a glitter, only smoother and easier to remove.

DS Coronation is so appealing and inoffensive that women of all ages would be attracted to it. I can see my mum's nails painted with it but I can also see my little girl wanting it... but then again she wants them all!

I tried it on as soon as I got it. It was a bit of an experiment at first, as it's so light, but it actually looked very nice and elegant on. Coronation is a very apt name indeed, there is something regal about this colour.

Application is fool proof and it self levels easily. In the past, I've had it on for a good three days or more and it didn't chip.  The only complaint I have is that, since mine is a mini, it hasn't got the silver cap.

I find holos almost as fascinating as diamonds, and we know well a girl can never have enough of either!

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See for yourselves how it comes alive in the sunshine:

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Brand: OPI
Collection: Designer Series
Name: Coronation
Type: (Scattered) Holographic
Colour: Silver
Pantone equivalent: N/A
Make Up Alley rating: 3.9/5
Potential dupes: Milani HD, there are lots of silver holos out there but many appear to be linear
Buy it from eBay £16.99 (Buy it now)

I used:
1 x OPI Natural Base Coat
2 x OPI Ridge Filler
2 x OPI DS Coronation
1 x Save The Nail 45 Second Top Coat

Canon EOS 450D - 50 mm - f/1.8 - ISO 400/200 - indoors/outdoors - no flash - sunshine


  1. El color es DIVINO. No tengo ningun holo, no encuentro ninguno que me vuelva completamente loca, porque para mi es para tener uno o dos holos, pero si voy a comprar uno quiero que sea un fuego.

    1. Un fuego? Uy... este no, entonces. My Private Jet es muy lindo, aunque yo tengo el nuevo. Tenés alguno en mente?

    2. My private jet el original es increible, pero hiper costoso y dificil de conseguir. Los de China Glaze de la coleccion OMG estaban buenos.. DS ORIGINAL me encanta pero otro que si lo consigo me saldria muy caro. No se! tampoco es que estoy desesperada por conseguir uno!

  2. Está bárbaro!!! y el nombre le va perfecto.. :)

    1. La verdad que no estuvo mal para un upgrade, no? No sé si lo hubiera comprado, es muy caro, pero así mini lo cuido!

  3. Ah eso no lo sabia, si son holo tienen un precio distinto a un Opi regular??? Es muy lindo, muy sutil, en la sombra tiene una terminación sedosa que me encantó. Me es raro verte con uñas tan claras...