Thursday, 9 February 2012

OPI - Fly

When the Nicki Minaj collection came out, this was the colour that stood out for me. I wanted something more refreshing than my usual dark shades and decided to order it from the US straight away.

I love blues and teals. I also love cremes, so this was a perfect choice for me. This is the lightest blue I have and, having bought it between Christmas and New Year, it made me long for Spring. It is described as a neon but I wouldn't call it that. It's youthful, it's fun... I suppose that's what the collection is all about. 

From the photos I have seen online this is one of those nail varnishes that compliments most, if not every, skin tone. I'm not sure if it's the most mature of shades but I'm not particularly worried about it either!

The formula is a little more sheer than I had anticipated - I would say it's somewhere between a créme and a jelly. The first coat looks a mess, at least from my experience, but the second one normally fixes it. You could always apply a third coat for opacity but I got a close match to the bottle with just two coats.

Drying time was excellent and it looks very glossy indeed. I wore it for several days before noticing any tip wear. 

If you can only buy one colour for this Spring, this should be it! Oh, and it also comes as part of the minis set, in case you just fancy a little bit instead of the 15 ml bottle. 

See for yourselves how lovely it is:

Click to enlarge
Brand: OPI
Collection: Nicki Minaj
Name: Fly
Type: Creme
Pantone equivalent: 632
Make Up Alley rating: 5/5 
Potential dupes: Haven't seen any yet!
Buy it from NailBeauty4U £3.76 + P&P

I used:
1 x OPI Natural Base Coat
2 x OPI Fly

Canon EOS 450D - 50 mm - f/1.8 - ISO 400 - indoors - no flash - daylight


  1. Me encanta el color, por las fotos se ve muy parecido al Kiko 342 Sea Green!

    1. Sí, se ve parecido! Buen dato, gracias ;-) Mañana se viene mi primer nail art con Fly!

  2. Es divino, increibe ese brillo! Es un color que me gusta mucho, lo más cercano que tengo es Flyin High de China Glaze (q es más celestón)
    De los nuevos, Fly, Tru y Bevin de Zoya, Saint George y Dragon de A England son los que más me tientan. Te queda bárbaro (y a mi tampoco me importa si un color de esmalte da "muy pendex", si me gusta lo uso y ya)

    1. Gracias! Mi cuñada me dijo "that's bright!" cuando me vio, y después hablamos de que se lo voy a poner en los pies ;-) Brilla mucho y es muy divertido! Y si me agarró el viejazo... hay algún problema?

  3. yo quiero una foto...probablemente panoramica... de toooodos tus esmaltes. No se que lente necesitaras realmente....

    1. Gran angular, sin duda... pero esa foto sería delatora, mejor lo dejamos así ;-)