Sunday, 4 March 2012

a-england Week: Day 1 - Bridal Veil

A bride who wears this veil is definitely not your standard fairy-tale bride: like Princess Sabra, this is a woman who embraces her tragic destiny. If anything, this veil is reminiscent of Jennifer Behr's black birdcage veil.

The fomula is flawless, application is smooth and you could possibly get away with one thick coat as opacity is excellent. Drying time is great: by the time I had finished the first coat I was ready to apply the second one. 

I find that a-england's holos are so shiny that top coat is more for protection than to enhance the finish. If anything, my top coat dulls it ever so slightly. Under artificial light the scattered holo particles look like tiny silver glitter, but it's mesmerising when under direct sunshine, as you will hopefully be able to appreciate from my photos.

I had it on for three days and only noticed some minor tip wear. Despite being very saturated, it comes off easily and without staining, even when using a non-acetone polish remover. 

I love black and so does Adina. By creating this holo nail varnish, some of the toughness of the black seems to have vanished, and I think it is more appealing to non-black lovers too. What do you think?

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Below are some photos in direct sunlight, for your viewing pleasure:

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Brand: a-england
Collection: The Legend
Name: Bridal Veil
Type: (Scattered) Holographic
Colour: Black
Pantone equivalent: N/A
Make Up Alley rating: N/A
Potential dupes: Other black holos don't appear to be quite as pigmented (from the photos I have seen).
Buy it directly from a-england, £9 with free worldwide shipping

I used:
1 x OPI Natural Base Coat
2 x a-england Bridal Veil
1 x Save The Nail 45 Second Top Coat

Canon EOS 450D - 50 mm - f/1.8 - ISO 200 - indoors/outdoors - no flash - sunshine


  1. Replies
    1. A mi también Cyn! Vos usás negro o sos más colorida?

  2. Que lindas fotos! Que bueno que el sol ya se este asomando allá! No soy muy de los esmaltes oscuros, asi que este y Ascalon son los que menos me llaman la atención de estos A England, pero aun asi me parecen bellísimos. Estos esmaltes tienen una mitología, un empaque, una estética tan interesante que no hay ninguno que no compraría. Te queda precioso.
    Lo que veo distinto de otros black holos es que se ve siempre negro, aún al sol. Por ej, Zeus de Hits tiene un efecto holo mucho más potente, pero eso mismo hace que se vea más grafito que negro, en cambio Bridal logra un efecto más elegante, y el holo es sutil pero potente. Estoy ansiosa por ver fotos de los otros A England en esta gran semana en tu blog...

    1. Es verdad, es negro negro y así me gusta! Suerte que salió el sol para mis fotos :-)

  3. Este color me muero de ganas de tenerlo... va a ser el primero que pida de a england!!!

    1. Pedilo, pedilo, que llegan! :-) Y creo que te va a encantar.